Implementation Training Development

Curriculum Redesign

Problem Statement:

An Implementation Team facing high employee turnover and low job satisfaction ratings requested assistance with evaluating and restructuring the curriculum to develop the skills for success in the role.


  • Developed Implementation Manager Training Profile
  • Documented skills needed in the Implementation Manager role
  • Recommended Strategic Curriculum including Training Program Recommendations
  • Documented Curriculum Overview including high level Implementation Process
  • Recommended role plays and scenarios to help practice the components of the role
  • Recommended skills assessment process including high-level implementation plan
  • Recommended coursework that can be completed in advance of an-instructor led class
  • Developed Implementation Plan for the Strategic Curriculum including work effort
  • Provided recommendations for quick hit training improvements for colleagues
  • Evaluated the mentor program including opportunities for improvement, availability of mentors and feedback from mentees about where additional support is needed