Optimizing the Client Implementation

Implementation Process Review and Implementation tool development

Problem Statement:

As the result of an acquisition, an implementation team from a smaller company was joining the implementation team of a much larger company. The team needed a detailed process review, along with the creation of standardized tools, in order to facilitate a smooth transition.


  • Conducted SME Interviews across the organization to gather cross-functional input on the current process
  • Provided recommendation for Project Implementation Process Review Structure
  • Created a consistent Client Experience by building out enhanced tools, templates, and resources for the Implementation Team
  • Developed a more streamlined and consistent set of tools including, an internal client implementation guide (440 pages), wiki and redesigned SharePoint site to house documentation
  • Trained users on the navigation and ongoing maintenance procedures for the enhanced tools, templates and guides
  • Facilitated and drove cross-functional meetings with enterprise PBM implementation  leaders to assist with change readiness and awareness