fader2You need change management when:

  • New technology is being introduced resulting in changes for your people or your processes
  • The way the technology is used is changing (you are consolidating work on to one system or a system is taking on additional work)
  • New leaders are introduced to an organization or a leader takes over a new area
  • A process improvement project is implemented
  • Organizational structure is changing – roles and responsibilities are modified
  • Distribution of work changes – work is eliminated or transferred to other areas

Before you begin a change initiative, it's important to assess colleague readiness for a change. We will partner with you to answer the following questions and develop a detailed change management plan.

  • Who is leading the change effort? Who is the executive sponsor? The project sponsor?
  • Who are the other leaders impacted by the change? Are they aligned?
  • Who are the stakeholders who need to be involved in the change? What do we need to do to engage them? Get them ready and willing to change?
  • What is the communication strategy? Who will own the plan? What vehicles will we use for communications? What is the approval process?
  • What is the training strategy? Who will own the plan? Do current materials exist or do they need to be created?
  • What are the risks of the change initiative? What barriers must you overcome?
  • How will you measure the success of the change?