Director, Training & Communication, Fortune 10 Company

“Summit Consulting has played an integral role with helping to set the change management strategy related to our high profile platform migration.  I oversee the project’s Training and Communications team, and Summit has been an invaluable resource that has allowed my team to more effectively navigate through many of the challenging aspects of the migration.  Summit quickly learned the best approach for strategically partnering with key stakeholders in order to make an immediate impact and drive positive change. They are extremely knowledgeable, have an unyielding work ethic and are dedicated to ensuring our migration initiative is highly successful.”
Director, Training & Communication, Fortune 10 Company

Senior Director, Fortune 100 Company

“I didn’t realize that I needed help in managing change until Summit Consulting joined our team, propelling us forward and helping our company overcome previously unforeseen barriers to change.”
—Senior Director, Fortune 100 Company

OD Manager, Leadership & Change Management Team

“At a time when leading through change became a critical role we needed to play as HR Professionals, Summit Consulting was instrumental in developing and executing our strategy. Our Summit partners took the time to develop a deep understanding of our business and relationships with key stakeholders. Their dedication to our company, culture, and the long-term success of our project has made them a valuable part of our team and is the reason we continue our ongoing relationship with them.”
—OD Manager, Leadership & Change Management Team

Director, Fortune 20 Company

“Summit Consulting has been a key partner in our change management activities related to a large scale system migration. They were able to understand our organization’s culture in order to creatively lead the organization through the change. Their team is comprised of seasoned professionals who have been critical contributors to the success of this project.”
—Director, Fortune 20 Company

Senior Vice President, HR Business Partnering, Fortune 10 Company

“As we undertook significant change in our company, we knew it was important to keep our fingers on the pulse of our organization. Summit helped us to develop and deploy a pulse survey to determine where our leadership team needed to adjust change management and communications efforts to better address the needs of our colleagues. Summit partnered with us on developing a specific strategy to address concerns that initially surfaced in the survey. As a result, we saw a marked improvement in our annual engagement survey in the communication index.”
-Senior Vice President, HR Business Partnering, Fortune 10 Company

VP, Fortune 20 Company

“Summit Consulting helped my leadership team take change management concepts and translate them into actionable recommendations that fit with our company’s culture. From aligning our senior leadership to ensuring our stakeholders were engaged and ready for the change, they have been there every step of the way, providing guidance and recommendations to ensure our change is successful.”
—VP, Fortune 20 Company